Alkaline Water and Hydration

Hydration and Your Health.

The body is made of over 50% of water, so hydration is essential.

Did you know? A glass of water an hour before bed can prevent a heart attack or stroke! Proper hydration helps prevent your blood from becoming too thick, which makes it easier for your heart to pump.

Hydration is critical for athletes who want to be at the top of their game. Athletic endurance falls with as little as 2% dehydration.

Harvard Health says that water is best for hydration. Harvard recommends going easy on the coffee, sodas, fruit drinks, and even milk! According to Harvard Health’s The Nutrition Source, your best bet is water. (Harvard School of Public Health)

Alkaline Water vs. Plain Water for Hydration

Alkaline water from a water ionizer has lower surface tension than regular water. Lower surface tension makes water easier to absorb via cellular osmosis. A Montana State University study on the water made alkaline with a supplement showed that the alkaline water hydrated 17% better than plain water (Heil P, Seifert, J)

Another reason that alkaline water hydrates better than plain water is that one of the primary channels in your cells that allow water to enter – called Aquaporins – is controlled by pH! Water with an alkaline pH is allowed to pass but acidic water is not. (Zeuthen, Thomas, and Dan Klaerke). The discovery of Aquaporins in 1992 by researcher Peter Agre led to his receiving the Nobel Prize in 2003.

How do I know if I’m dehydrated?

Try this simple hydration test: Lay your hand flat on the table. Pinch the skin together about one inch behind a knuckle on your hand. Your skin should spring back into place in about a second. If it takes a longer time to spring back, you are dehydrated.

Two Kinds of dehydration

Temporary dehydration – You can become temporarily dehydrated when you work out if you don’t drink enough water. This kind of dehydration makes you feel thirsty.

Chronic Dehydration – When you don’t drink enough water on a regular basis, your body can remain in a dehydrated state. Chronic dehydration can lead to poor health.

Warning: You can be chronically dehydrated and not feel thirsty!

Protect your health – Know these 6 warning signs of dehydration

  • Hot, red, skin with no sweat *
  • Confusion *
  • Thirst
  • Dry, chapped lips
  • Salty, white residue around lips
  • Fatigue

* DANGER: Get medical help!

How a water ionizer helps you stay hydrated

Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes better than plain water, it’s slightly sweeter and more refreshing. In fact, LIFE Ionizers guarantees that our water ionizers will make your bitter, chalky hard tap water taste better.

Think about it: If you are trying to improve your health through better hydration, better tasting water will make it easier. Many of our customers tell us that they prefer the taste of their alkaline water to other beverages. This makes staying hydrated a snap!


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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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